3 Reel Classic Pokies vs. Video Pokies with 5 Reels

Back in the day all you could find online as well as offline were pokies games with only 3 reels. That was it. Variety wasn’t a priority. However, luckily for us pokie lovers thing have changed and now there’s a lot of different types of pokie games to choose from. This is especially true when it comes to online casino version of the games.  Now, players have the option to choose between games that have more than one pay line, more betting options, more themes, special effects and so on. However, even while this might sound like a great choice for many, it might not be what you’re particularly comfortable with.

Many players opt to play 3 reel classic because of the simplicity these games offer. There aren’t many variables to pick and all you really need to decide is how many coins you want to bet or if you want to bet max amount. Even so, these days players are able to find these traditional pokies with extra features such as bonus round games and more that truly bring these pokies to a different level.

In comparison, 5 reel pokies offer players many other possibilities including different themes, more betting options, a great amount of pay lines and so on. These video pokies also offer larger jackpot prizes and keep players interested in the game for much longer with more intricate and interactive bonus games, free spins and others.