Reasons Why You Should Play Superior Mobile Casino

There are many times when we can’t be in front of our computer. At times we might be on the road or perhaps just on holiday and decided not to bring our computer with us. For these times and for those of us who love our online casino games anytime and anywhere there’s the mobile world available at your fingertips. While this might not be the case for every single online casino out there it is certainly the case for a reputable casino such as Superior Casino.

Superior Casino has recently launched their mobile version of several of their most popular games for their players who want to try the fun via smartphone including iPhone, Blackberry, Android Smartphones and iOS devices. Players can feel free to choose any of the games available and play these instantly through their mobile device web browser.

Some of the games available include a few of the most wonderful online fruit machine games like Cleopatra’s Coins, Silver Unicorn or For Love and Money, Seven and Bars and FireStorm 7. In addition, players who are looking to spend some of their times playing Blackjack can do so just by entering the mobile casino version.

What Was So Cool About the 80’s? Learn it While Playing Free Pokies!

It’s possible that you were born in the early 1990’s and did not get to live all the excitement, fashion, music and fad of the best decade of them al: the 1980’s. Luckily for you youngster, Rival Gaming came up with the wonderful idea of creating an online pokie game that pays tribute to that great decade with loud music, big hair and great style.

This 5 reel and 15 pay line video pokie machine is called So 80’s. Everything about this game is spot on with the perfect color combination of bright neons to the groovy synthesized sound effects. In addition to all the very special animations and graphic effects players can expect to land huge juicy prizes with the playing options such as wild symbols, free spins and many others.

The icons players can find on the So 80s reels include a Break Dancer who is spinning on his head and works as the scatter icon. When you land three or more of these scatter symbols you will win 500 coins automatically. Furthermore, landing three or more Boom Box symbols will give you up to 75 free spins and winning will be multiplied times three during this round. The wild symbol in this free online pokie is the Video Game symbol and will substitute for any other symbol to complete a winning combination.

Golf and Pokies: What Could Be Better?

If you’re a fan of golf, even if it’s just watching the Masters on television and you also like to play online pokie games, then give Hole in Won: The Back Nine a try. You won’t regret it! This fun game belongs to the interactive pokies category and truly places you in the drivers seat when it comes to decisions and ways of winning more and more coins.

Fun animations, special effects, awesome graphics and sounds is what you can expect while playing Hole in Won.  In addition, there are also a great deal of fetures that will help you collect many coins along the way to completing 9 holes. The wild symbol in this game is the red flag. This symbol only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 but it will fill the entire reel to produce winnings. The scatter icon in this game is the male player symbol and it’s actually one of the most important icons since it will trigger the bonus round game.

The bonus round feature will actually test your golf skills to the max here you will be taken to a second screen where you will begin to compete at the National Mini Golf Championships. Use your mouse to aim and complete each shot with the least amount of hits to collect coins.  Each time you enter the bonus feature you get to play a new hole until all 9 holes are complete.

Europe Divided on Online Casino Laws

European countries are once again in a divided state about their opinion on the best and most fair way to regulate online gambling in Europe and if the European Parliament should regulate this incredibly profitable and popular activity or if the individual states should be given the opportunity to navigate this issue themselves. A great deal of member of the European Parliament are in favor of the idea that individual states should be able to determine if and how to regulate online casino wagering in their own countries. Nevertheless, others think that the European Union is the body that should define a standard set of rules which are to be adopted by and applied in all states which form part of the European Union.

Currently in Europe, each state is solely responsible for their own online gambling laws. Nevertheless, the real issue is based in the fact that online gambling is considered a hobby that has no borders and is ultimately defined as an international gambling activity. Moreover, while member states may want to regulate their own online gambling industries, they could find it physically impossible to achieve, considering the nature of this online activity.

The European Union is strong in the belief  that since so many different laws govern the online wagering industry on one continent, standardization of the internet gambling industry is more than necessary Earlier in 2011, Liberal member of Parliament from Germany, Jurgen Creutzmann released a green paper which suggested whether the European Parliament should be the venue to determine the rules, or whether it should be left up to individual states and proposed the legalization of internet gambling should take place through the EU. The main goal of the green paper was more cooperation between states.  Creutzmann stated that, “Member states alone are not in a position to regulate all areas of internet gambling, much expanded cooperation between national regulatory bodies is therefore essential.”

Online Casinos Loved by Younger Generations

These days it’s easier than never for players of all ages to reach their favorite casino games via the online version. However, it’s pretty clear that those players seeking to play online casino games and deposit real money in hopes of withdrawing their winnings, or making a profit out of this, they have to be at least 18 years old. Players younger than 18 can feel free to play their favorite casino games, from slots to poker, for free and not worry about opening a real account or deposit money. Even so, some youngsters have been known to use false personal and credit card information and have tried to open an online casino account.

Even so, every player that tries to open a real money account with an online casino and tried a credit card deposit, or tries any another deposit method such as electronic wallets, has to kwon that their details will be cross-checked with their issuing bank. Specifically in the  United States, all banks are forbidden to process online casino transactions if these are not verified and this includes the verification of the age of the player. Whenever a player requests a withdrawal the online casino
usually requires for players to send in a series of documents in order to prove their legal age and identity.

The younger generations who are enjoying online casinos games are already aware of these requirements and during the last couple of year 16 percent of college-aged (18 to 22 years old) males used online casino sites according to a research done by the National Annenberg Survey of Youth. In addition, in 2008 only 4.4 percent of college males – 12 percent less — used online casinos or other internet gambling services. As for high school aged (14 to 17 years old) males, there was also an increment of gambling online from 2.7 percent to 6.2 percent.

Why are Online Casinos Safe?

With the latest technological advances and the competition being as fierce as ever, it’s not surprising that these days online casinos are growing by the day and most of these offer players great options regarding software, playability, game selection, promotions and more. However, making the right choice to decide on which casino works best for you might prove to be a difficult journey. Many of these online casinos may use the best software and fantastic game selection, however their banking options and promotions may not be so appealing and make this casino not such a smart choice.

A great online casino is one that manages to have all of these positive assets at once. Your best option is one that has 24/7 customer support via email, live chat or telephone; an online casino that gives players the chance to view  their slot games beforehand in snap shots and reviews; a modern casino that utilizes the best software provider that can be either downloaded or accessed in a flash version. And of course a casino that also offers some of the more traditional casino tables games such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, craps and more. Another great detail is that the web site has a great design that is easy to navigate and offers players the chance to read more about their service.

Also, players who are looking for the absolute best online casino must educate themselves before hand if other players are satisfiable with their services. One good thing to look for is if players are getting paid and how fast they’re getting their money. The best casinos out there will use top notch encryption to keep all transactions and data safe and secure at all times. This is also a great indication that their games are fair and offer random results every time.

Online Slots Characteristics

There are some players out there, believe or not, that are still new to the whole online casino and slots world. These players, just like you and me, are looking for the best games that they can possibly find but sometimes they just don’t know what to look for or how to differentiate a good online slot from a shady one. The best way to go it to educate yourself and lear about the main differences from game to game and most importantly, learn about the most important characteristics that will really help you understand what constitutes a good game and what makes it not worth your time. Every online casino is different but most will offer a wide range of slots games with variations, from single paylines to 20 lines, 3 or 5 reels, bonus games, free spins, progressive jackpots, video slots and more.

Perhaps the the most important element to keep in mind is the number of reels in a slot machine. There are usually 3 or 5 reels present in every game. The classic slots, which were the first ever made, have only 3 reels but with the evolution of the slots machines there are now 5 reels games which have become increasingly popular over time. The 3 reel slots are very much like the traditional land-based casino slots and every game has their own set of symbols and scatters. The 5 reel slot games often offer players multiple paylines to improve the chances of obtaining winning combinations. The 5 reel machines are well-liked for displaying the best graphics, awesome sound effects and incredible animations.

Another important characteristic in online slot games is the number of rows. Slots machines will usually feature between 1 to 20 horizontal rows that mark specific placements on the vertical reels. In addition, the number of paylines is also very important. The most common games feature 3, 5, 9, 15 and up to 20 different paylines for players to obtain their winning patterns.

The Importance of the RNG in the Online Casino Industry

       If you’ve been playing online for a while, perhaps you’ve seen the letters RNG  before in your research for the best online casino out there and you simply don’t know what it means. The RNG is the abbreviation for Random Number Generator and it’s one of the most important and essential components for online casinos to guarantee their player’s with fairness and complete irregular results to give all the same chance of winning great cash prizes.

       The Random Number Generator is actually a microprocessor that is used on every single slot machine game. Once this microprocessor is activated it will run a specific program that quickly generates a series of different numbers that ultimately translate into the symbols that will be displayed on the reels of the online slot at that given spin. These results occur in a matter of milliseconds and the series of  numbers that are created will range anywhere from 0 to 4 billion.  The result of the combination of these symbols is also made possible by the number generated by the RNG. This number will be automatically selected at the very moment that they player has spun the reels. The RNG will attach the winning number to several reel combinations and hence decreasing the chance for players to determine the possible winning combinations. This sequence of events is the result of dividing the random generated number by 16, 32, 64,128, 256, or 512.

       The mathematical explanation for the way an RNG works lies in the algorithm that has been programmed beforehand. This algorithm is what will start the process of the selection of the different numbers. Online casinos are always checking on the RNG that their games use to make sure that players are not able to calculate or predict any end result and make the games fun and fair for all.