3 Reel Classic Pokies vs. Video Pokies with 5 Reels

Back in the day all you could find online as well as offline were pokies games with only 3 reels. That was it. Variety wasn’t a priority. However, luckily for us pokie lovers thing have changed and now there’s a lot of different types of pokie games to choose from. This is especially true when it comes to online casino version of the games.  Now, players have the option to choose between games that have more than one pay line, more betting options, more themes, special effects and so on. However, even while this might sound like a great choice for many, it might not be what you’re particularly comfortable with.

Many players opt to play 3 reel classic because of the simplicity these games offer. There aren’t many variables to pick and all you really need to decide is how many coins you want to bet or if you want to bet max amount. Even so, these days players are able to find these traditional pokies with extra features such as bonus round games and more that truly bring these pokies to a different level.

In comparison, 5 reel pokies offer players many other possibilities including different themes, more betting options, a great amount of pay lines and so on. These video pokies also offer larger jackpot prizes and keep players interested in the game for much longer with more intricate and interactive bonus games, free spins and others.

Winning at Online Let it Ride

Online casino players love to try new and interesting games all the time. Even when players are used to sticking with popular casino games like blackjack and slot machines, there are many other options for players who are ready to try something different. Such is the case of the card game called Let It Ride. This game is a popular variation of 5-card stud poker which is one of the favorite card games of all times. The first time this game was introduced to players was over 20 years ago and according to history,  the creator of Let it Ride was Shuffle Master Inc. who were also the company that created the automatic-shuffling machines. This card game has grown so quickly in popularity because it can grow to be a very profitable game in the long run. The fact that players don’t have to play against another player or try to beat the house or dealer, gives Let it Ride players a chance to really develop a winning strategy in no time.

This game is played on a table similar to blackjack and a total of seven players can join in at the same time. Let it Ride utilizes a standard 52 deck of cards and the main goal of the players is to get a pair of 10s or better using the first three cards that are dealt of a five card poker hand. In addition, the dealer will lay out two community cards face down.

In Let it ride, each player will have an opportunity to either take their second bet back or to go ahead and  “Let it Ride” and remain playing the game. The dealer will then go ahead and turn one of his two cards face up. Then, each player will have have to decide whether or not to take back their third bet or also Let it Ride.  Players may let their bet continue or take it back the second time, without taking into account their first decision. The final step is for the dealer to reveal the second community card and players to collect whatever their winning end up being. This card game is slower than blackjack but offers an extra exciting air to the table and if players are wise enough to follow the simple basics of the game they will end up creating a winning strategy for their own.